The "JackHammer"
           "The Jackhammer "

       This early 90's Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster was Rick Derringers' number one road guitar for about 10 years.  Rick gave the guitar to Tommy as a gift and ended up with a birthday gift 1956 Gibson Les Paul Jr. from T's collection. This guitar is featured on the cover of Ricks "Jackhammer Blues"  CD  (hence the moniker) and is also embossed on the CD proper. This is the 1st guitar pictured on Ricks Homepage. (click here to see Ricks website)  This instrument was  Ricks "voice" for more than a couple of his CDs in the 90's (Blues Bureau time period) up until he acquired his Custom Paul Reed Smith 3 P-90 in 2001. Rick now uses custom made, 3 pickup, Warrior instruments.  This instrument was used on too many other major recording artists works to list and was Ricks' longest held #1 instrument to date (quite probably his most extensively recorded instrument). It has a Fender Floyd Rose tremolo,  5 way selector switch,  Fender Texas Special pickups, an LSR roller nut, Spertzel locking tuners, and still has Ricks strap mounted to the guitar. Tommy is quite proud that he owns and uses the entire rig that Rick used during the 2000/2001 time period (pictured in the promo pic below)....... and is very proud to know a future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member........  and call him 'friend'..
                                      Rick Rules........
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